The Langara Community Garden Society is proposing to start up a Community Garden at Langara College. Community gardens are collaborative projects created by members of the community. This involves the transformation of unused or underused urban land into productive, green living spaces which can be enjoyed by members of the community. The benefits of community gardens are well documented, but the key to their success is community involvement and continued support.

The Langara Community Garden Society

The LCGS is run by a group of dedicated and highly motivated volunteers. LCGS consists of a six member executive made up of faculty, staff, the community members and more than a dozen active supporters. Assisted by funds raised by the Langara Student Union (LSU) we became an incorporated society in February 2009.

Our Vision

  • We envision the following for the Langara community gardens:
  • Communal garden plots as well as individual garden plots to be used by members of the Langara community.
  • The gardens would have an educational purpose. For example
    • Model composting
    • Planting of native species
    • Adjacent daycare centers could use the gardens for mini fieldtrips
    • Design of the garden would encourage visits to the gardens by the public.
  • Sharing of garden produce with non-profit organizations, such as the food bank, as well as needy Langara students.


We are proposing that the Langara community garden be located on the Langara College campus, specifically on the grassy area between Ontario Street and the east student parking lot (see below).



This location is well suited for a community garden because it is easily accessible to the community and it receives enough direct sunlight for gardening all year.

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