Turnitin Now Available


Langara has purchased a campus-wide license for Turnitin to support faculty in teaching research and writing skills to their students while also encouraging academic integrity. Turnitin is a similarity checker which allows students and faculty to check assignments for matches in Turnitin’s database of papers, articles, and websites.

All Langara faculty have access to Turnitin through their Brightspace courses.

We hope that Turnitin will be used as an instructional tool to help students understand the College’s expectations for academic integrity and to practice their skills in summarizing, paraphrasing, quoting and citing their sources appropriately.

While Turnitin is a useful tool, it cannot detect all forms of plagiarism. However, if used in well-designed assignments and learning activities, Turnitin can play a valuable role in educating our students and emphasizing the importance of academic integrity.

Register for an information session: Turnitin Brown Bag  Sept.14, 2017 1:00-1:45 pm

More sessions will be scheduled throughout the fall semester.

Thanks to members of the Langara School of Management, EdTech, and IT for piloting, implementing and administering this new tool.

For more information about Turnitin and suggestions for its use, see http://iweb.langara.bc.ca/edtech/learning-tools-and-technologies/turnitin/

For instructions on using Turnitin with Brightspace, see https://iweb.langara.bc.ca/edtech/learning-tools-and-technologies/turnitin/using-turnitin-with-d2l/

For help designing assessments to encourage academic integrity, contact tcdc@langara.ca.

For setting up assignments with Turnitin in Brightspace, contact edtech@langara.ca.


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