The Educational Technology Department (EdTech) supports Langara’s faculty and instructional staff in instructional design, media production, and content management. EdTech facilitates the adoption and use of innovative, practical technologies for teaching and learning.

Questions? Email edtech@langara.ca, call us at 604-323-5403, drop in our office in portable M3, the portable closest to the Library’s south entrance, or leave a comment in the form below  (we will reply to your comment by email).

EdTech Advisors

EdTech Advisors assist faculty and instructional employees in the development and delivery of technology‐enhanced courses and the adoption of new instructional technologies. They also work with individual departments to customize training for their specific instructional goals. In addition, advisors investigate and test educational technology options. All advisors have post‐secondary teaching backgrounds along with knowledge of and skills in instructional design, educational technology, distance learning and computing.

Diane Thompson
email: dthompson@langara.ca
phone: 604-323-5862

Karen Budra
email: kbudra@langara.ca
phone: 604-323-5694

Brian Koehler
email: bkoehler@langara.ca
phone: 604-323-5822

Julian Prior
email: jprior@langara.ca
phone: 604-323-5591

EdTech Instructional Assistants

Instructional Assistants assist faculty and instructional employees with technical questions relating to the use of educational technologies in courses. They also test, troubleshoot, and administer Langara’s educational technology tools and pilot proposed new tools, applications and platforms prior to adoption.

Ari Crossby, Serenia Tam, Nimmy Nelson, Daniel Fonseca, Brett Foster
Heidi Mede (Supervisor, Department Operations)

email: edtech@langara.ca
phone: 604-323-5403

Media Production Technologist

The Media Production Technologist assists faculty and instructional employees in developing media and integrating it into their teaching and other academic work as well as assisting in the development of solutions to unique, media‐related instructional challenges.

Craig Madokoro
email: cmadokoro@langara.ca
phone 604.323.5351

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