myLangara Course Tool

myLangara Course Tool

The myLangara Course Tool is a feature of the myLangara Portal, and can be found under the “myCourses” tab once you have logged in to myLangara.

A Course Tool area is set up automatically for every active course section each semester. You can use this course tool area to share files, photos, and web links with your students, and communicate with them through announcements or email.

If you are planning to offer a course mixed mode or completely online, then you will need a fully featured Course Management System such as Brightspace. However if you are looking for a simple way to make course materials available online, then myLangara Course Tools may be your best option. Consult the table below to determine which of the two might work best for you. (Note: The table assumes course delivery. myLangara may be more suitable for other non-course specific groups. If you have other group needs, please consult with ICS (for administrative applications) or Ed Tech (for instructional applications) to determine the best tool for your purposes).

If you are not sure what to use, or you’d like to discuss your requirements with an Ed Tech advisor, feel free to Contact Us and we’ll be happy to meet with you.

Student Assessment & Course Management
Quizzes, Assessments Yes No
Grade Book Yes No
Assignment Management Yes – Informs gradebook No
Calendar Yes – Exportable data, reusable. Global Calendar available.

Students are not authorized to add course calendar events. They can add their own task postings, add calendars of courses enrolled in and subscribe to a private calendar feed.

Yes – Preloaded with course times/location. Permissions can be delegated to others to add calendar entries.
Student Activity Tracking Yes No
Course Email Yes – All students and instructors have a Brightspace mailbox. Option to send and receive messages to/from external, non-Brightspace email addresses is available. Yes – One way – from course directly to participants MyLangara mailbox. Not “repliable” within course.
Announcements Yes – Announcements appear in “News” widget in the course. Yes – Appears on students’ myLangara home page.
Chat Yes – Global and Private. Log files kept for all sessions. Yes – One chat room instance only.
Whiteboard No No
Discussion Board Yes – Multi topic & Threaded small student groups & private topics can be set up. Remembers what is read and not read. Yes – (Message Board) Multi topic and threaded discussion. No small groups or private topics. No indicators for read/unread.
Content Sharing
File, Photo & Link Sharing Yes – Primarily uploading “one-way” instructor to student. Files can be attached to dropbox and discussion topic postings for download by students. Yes – Photos can be uploaded, but not downloaded. Students can upload for approval, or be authorized to upload and post without approval, only up to 5 mb file size.
Student file upload Yes – Within a course, students can upload to assignment dropbox tool, or attach to an email or discussion board message. Students can upload files to the locker tool for private use, or may be in a group that is assigned locker space for group collaboration. Students can upload for approval, or be authorized to
upload and post without approval, only up to 5 mb file size.
Multi File upload/download Yes No – Single file upload/download.
Menus and Navigation Links Yes No
Reusable Content/Structure Yes New Sections must be “repopulated” each term by instructor through copy utility.
Searchable Content Yes No
Selective Release of Files Yes No
General Course Management
Automatic Section Creation Yes – Whether used or not, a section is automatically created. Yes – Whether used or not, a section is automatically created.
Multi Section Course Areas Yes – Arranged through request to Ed Tech. Yes – created through course tools.
Multi “Areas” per section (e.g. Course plus Library Module) Yes – Arranged through request to Ed Tech. Yes – Arranged through request to ICS.
Multi Instructors per section Yes – Instructors must be assigned to the course officially in Banner. Instructors can add multiple TAs with instructor privileges. Yes – Can invite guests and give privileges.


Use myLangara Course Tools when your needs are simple, such as basic file sharing, or email distribution, and you want an easily accessible system with little learning curve. Use Brightspace when you have more complex needs. Your students and you may experience a bit more of a learning curve, but more options for management and retention of information are available.

If you would like more information, please Contact Us.