NEW: Enabling MediaSpace Downloads

Download is disabled on videos when first uploaded to MediaSpace, but can be manually enabled on each entry. The method is different depending on whether your viewers are accessing a media item embedded in Brightspace, or the video is accessed on the MediaSpace website. See below for instructions on enabling it in each environment.

Enabling Downloads from the MediaSpace Website (All Users)

This method allows viewers to choose a download format.

  1. Log into MediaSpace with your Computer User ID and password
  2. Load your media item by clicking on it from My Media
  3. Click Actions > Edit
  4. Click the Downloads tab
  5. Select which formats you want your viewers to be able to download (e.g. 720p)
  6. Save
  7. A Download tab will now appear under the Share options alongside your video when it is viewed on the MediaSpace website, that allows your viewers to choose from your chosen formats

Enabling Downloads on Media Embedded in Brightspace (Instructors Only)

This method only allows viewers to download the source file (the one originally uploaded).

  1. In any module in Course Materials > Content, choose Existing Activities > Add Kaltura Media
  2. Scroll down to the media item you want to embed and click the Embed Settings (gear) icon next to it
  3. From the Choose Player menu, choose a player option with Download enabled (e.g. Video – Download), and a Max Embed Size
  4. Deselect the checkbox labelled “Set as my default settings for media type”
  5. Scroll back up to the top of the window and click the Embed button
  6. The media item will now appear as a content item in the module you selected; the download button will appear at the top right of the player