Library Instruction for Summer 2018 – Reminder and Announcements!

Happy end of term!

As we wind down Spring and turn our thoughts to Summer, now is the perfect time to consider adding library instruction into your curriculum!

If you have added the online library tutorials in your courses in the past, please be advised of these changes to the way that we book classes and forward marks:

  • Due to a growing number of extension requests for tutorials, we ask you to carefully consider the due dates for the tutorials quizzes and to make these dates firm. We will no longer grant extensions for individual students. If you absolutely need the due date to be extended, we will only grant an extension to the entire class.
  • To ease workload on both the library and instructors, we will be implementing a new procedure for students to have their marks from previous terms forwarded to current classes. This summer, we are piloting a procedure that will ask student to give permission to forward marks inside the Brightspace environment (no longer using the form on the library website). This new method allows instructors to receive a single spreadsheet of student marks after the due date on the quizzes has passed that contains all student marks (you will no longer get an individual email for every student). Detailed instructions on this new procedure are forthcoming.

If you have students complete research assignments, adding library instruction to your curriculum helps students find scholarly resources, evaluate things they find, and introduces students to principles around avoiding plagiarism. Below the break, find our full catalogue of offerings.

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Skeletons in the Collection

This February, Langara Library added a human skeleton anatomy model to its collection and joined the growing ranks of public and academic libraries lending not just books and videos, but also “stuff”. These non-traditional collections are sometimes popularly referred to as The Library of Things. Like many other Thing Libraries, Langara acquired these non-traditional materials in response to local needs.

The library first heard from an instructor who wanted registered massage therapy students to have access to human bone models for practice and learning outside the lab. Ideally bone models that students could borrow and take home with them. When librarians reached out to other departments, we discovered that anthropology, biology and kinesiology students might have similar needs. Continue reading

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2016/17 Library & Learning Commons Annual Report

The 2016/17 Library & Learning Commons Annual Report is now available to read here.

Highlights from the reporting period (April 2016 – March 2017) include:

  • A rapidly growing instructional program, which was highly touted in the 2017 Library Instruction Survey.
  • A record number of both visitors to the Library and the number of questions answered by library staff.
  • The launch of the LaIR, Langara’s Institutional Repository.
  • Continued growth of services available at the Writing and Tutoring Centre, coinciding with an increased number of students connecting with tutors.
  • The establishment of Open Langara, an institutional open education advisory. committee
  • The conclusion of the Library’s service review.

Read the full report to catch up on these highlights and much more.

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More Affordable and Accessible Education: You can help

Open Education is an international movement striving to bring more affordable and accessible education to students across the globe. Langara College is the 2nd highest adopter of Open Educational Resources in British Columbia, saving our students thousands of dollars in textbook costs each year.

If you want to learn more about the Open Education initiative, March 5-9 is Open Education Week and there are a number of free events taking place at Langara and across Vancouver. Continue reading

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Fair Dealing Week 2018

February 26-March 2 marks Fair Dealing Week 2018, but what is fair dealing and how does it benefit you? Fair dealing is a section of the Canadian Copyright Act, which outlines a user’s right to use short excerpts of copyright protected work for one of eight purposes: Continue reading

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Copyright Act Under Review

In 2012, the Copyright Modernization Act mandated a review of the Canadian Copyright Act take place every five years, to ensure Canada’s copyright policy remains up to date in an ever changing digital environment. On December 13, 2017 the government launched the first five year review of the Copyright Act. Continue reading

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Summer/Fall 2017 Semester Report

The Summer/Fall 2017 Semester Report is now available. Highlights from these two semesters include:

  • A sharp rise in both the number of visitors to the Library and interactions between students and library staff
  • Continued growth in the Library’s instructional program
  • New resources, including APA Style Central and Criminal Justice Abstracts with Full Text
  • Fun student outreach events
  • An exciting time of transition as new library staff have been hired, some have retired, and others welcomed new additions to their families.

Read the full Summer Fall 2017 Semester Report.

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Academic Innovation Directory – updated for January 2018

For Langara employees… The Directory – updated for January 2018 includes all the areas represented within the Academic Innovation portfolio:

  • Library and Learning Commons
  • Educational Technology (EdTech)
  • Teaching & Curriculum Development Centre (TCDC)
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Library Update

Darcye Lovsin, Copyright Librarian

Changes continue in the Library…

Darcye Lovsin is covering Lindsay Tripp’s maternity leave, taking on the role of Copyright Librarian, co-chairing Open Langara, and acting as Subject Librarian for Aboriginal Studies, Canadian Studies, Classical Studies, History, and LEAP.

Darcye is a recent graduate of the Master of Information Studies program at the University of Toronto with recent work experience in the Scholarly Communications and Copyright Office GSLA at Robarts Library, University of Toronto.

Welcome Darcye!

Contact information for all Subject Librarians



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