10 Ways Social Media Will Change in 2011

10 Ways Social Media Will Change in 2011
– posted to readwriteweb.com 15 Dec 2010

2011 will also be marked by new developments that will shape the very fabric of our behavior, culture and identity. These developments will challenge us to consider important questions about the future of our experience as connected people and consumers. Here are key trends to watch in the coming year

  1. Social media will be supersized.
  2. Organizations will integrate social feedback into their decision making process.
  3. Mobile will be our gateway to the world.
  4. Video will be everywhere.
  5. The next big Online Social Network will not be a network at all (but dynamic, engaging, community platforms and applications)
  6. ROI will be redefined.
  7. Psychology is shifting.
  8. Citizen activism brings back purpose and power.
  9. Social business intelligence will heat up and so will privacy.
  10. The role of social media strategist will change.

Check out the whole article for the details that “make” the list work.

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