Bullying in the workplace

I am hoping you have never encountered this here and that we never will in the future. And in that spirit, I would like to sensitize us to the issue.

Bullying: Personal, Professional and Workplace

Over the years I’ve been involved with anti-bullying programs in K-12 schools. I’ve also dealt with bullying and cyberbullying in the professional arena and the workplace. This year, while working with librarians who are in the early stages of their career I was appalled to hear about some terrible (and often unaddressed) incidents of professional and workplace bullying by co-workers, management and users. Just scratch a group of library workers and the stories pour out. Lordy, it’s bad enough that this sort of stuff isn’t addressed well enough in elementary and high school. People should have grown up enough as adults that it shouldn’t happen – or at least bullying should be addressed properly in our field and workplaces.

– from Stephen’s Lighthouse, always an eclectic source of what’s out there.

Includes I link to Fifteen Signs of Workplace Bullying. If you have encountered any of the attitudes, please let me know.

– Patricia

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