Media Resources for Indigenization

Over the past year the Langara Library has been working to acquire more resources in the media collection to help support instructors who are working to Indigenize their course content across all subjects. We have tried in particular to emphasize works that are not only about First Nations people and issues but created and distributed by First Nations people. Feel free to explore the following streaming collections and series, and get in touch with the media collection team ( if you have any questions or suggestions!

Indigenous Collection

  • Search the library for single titles with an Indigenous focus by searching “Indigenous collection” in series title under Books & Media.

CBC Curio: Indigenous Studies

  • Browse CBC Curio by Categories and look for Indigenous Studies under Social Studies.

First Nations Films Collection

  • Search the Library catalogue under Books & Media by series title. We license all of the films currently available from First Nations Films, a BC-based company that creates and distributes films by, for, and about First Nations.

Kanopy: Indigenous Studies

  • Browse Kanopy by subject and look for Indigenous Studies under Global Studies and Languages. You can see a list of titles we currently license, as well as many more you can click to submit a request to purchase. These films offer global perspectives but many are based in North America.

NFB Indigenous Cinema Collection

  • This new collection brings together 130 titles in English and 90 titles in French from First Nation, Inuit, and Metis directors, produced by the NFB from 1968 to the present.

Series: 1491

  • An eight episode docu-drama series on the development of Indigenous peoples and societies over 20,000 years in North, Central, and South America. Told by Indigenous scholars and cultural leaders.

Series: First Contact

  • Season one of this APTN series follows six Canadians on a journey into Indigenous communities across the country to challenge their own perceptions and confront their own opinions, shedding light on the true Indigenous experience.
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