New streaming video resource: BBC Channel now available in

Langara recently added the BBC Documentaries channel to our subscription. These wide ranging streaming videos from the BBC delve into international history, social justice, earth and space science, medicine, animal behaviour, technology and more. Here are some series to get you started!

Andrew Marr’s History of the World, a series that examines some key figures and events from history. Episodes include:

The Code, a 6 episode series that presents a mystery that will be explained by a mathematical concept, with episodes like:

French Grammar, a series following the adventures of four British students as they compete in 10 fun and exciting challenges while on holiday in Paris. Each challenge has the aim of improving their knowledge of French grammar. Episodes include:

Bitesize Space Science, a series of fun and engaging demonstrations introducing the subject of space science, with episodes like:

The BBC channel also includes a number of standalone documentaries, such as:

Curio(us) about what else is in Here are some standout titles to get you started!

Other channels in include National Geographic Channel and News in Review.

If you want help finding or using videos from or any of the library’s media collections, contact Annie Jensen

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