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October is Canadian Library Month, dedicated to raising awareness of the important roles libraries play in their communities, especially through the unique services and resources they provide beyond traditionally-imagined book collections. Our own Library and Learning Commons is no exception, and we have several items in our collection that may surprise you! October seemed like a fitting month to highlight two in particular as it is also Halloween:

Disarticulated Half Skeleton – Bone Sets

The disarticulated human skeleton model is a half skeleton featuring the hand and foot loosely articulated on nylon cord for ease of use and realistic movement. It is a plastic replica complete with mounted skull, sternum, hyoid, and spinal column in realistic detail. Catalogued as “equipment,” students can ask to sign out separate parts of the skeleton at the library checkout desk for a three-hour, in-library loan. This model is great for scientific anatomy studies and particularly useful for students learning the correct articulation of human bones.

Axis Scientific Human Skeleton

This is an adult male articulated skeleton model on a metal and plastic wheeled stand for mobility. It serves as the perfect tool for studying both the skeletal and muscular systems featuring muscle origin and insertion points painted and numbered on the left side, and flexible joints with ligaments on the right side. The spine is also flexible, making it a great tool for displaying how the skeletal and muscular systems work together. The arms and legs are movable, and the fingers and toes are flexible. The skeleton measures 66 inches (5 ft. 6 in.) tall and weighs approximately 26 lbs. Students can also ask to sign this item out for in-library use at the checkout desk.

Help us name our newest addition!

The Axis articulated skeleton is our newest collection addition and we are very excited about it! To share the excitement, from October 21 to 25 we are accepting submissions via our Instagram stories for name suggestions! We will hold a vote on Wednesday October 30 and announce the winning monicker on Halloween. You can learn more on our Instagram account and be sure to follow @langaralibrary to stay up to date on this and other news and events.



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