Accessible via the myLangara portal, Course Tool is a simple course management system, separate from Brightspace, that instructors may use to distribute files or contact students. It is most often used to contact students before the semester has officially started.

About Course Tool

The myLangara Course Tool provides a course homepage for every course. Instructors may use the Course Tool as a gathering place for files, images, web links, discussion, and email.

Each course has a Course Tool that can be used:

  • by you and your instructor to send email to anyone in your class
  • for getting course materials such as lecture slides and notes, assignments and course outlines

Not all instructors will use the Course Tool or all the features in the Course Tool. Your instructors will advise you if and how they plan to use it. Your instructors should provide you with all the necessary documentation and support.


Access Course Tool

To access the Course Tool for a course:

  • login to myLangara and click the myCourses tab
  • in the My Courses channel, click the Course Tool link
  • screenshot for the link

  • click the link for the course title
  • screenshot for the link

In the My Courses channel, you’ll also find a Course Tool Quick Guide. The guide is designed for instructors but should provide you with a good understanding of the Course Tool features.


Course Tool Features

  • Announcements – Instructors can create announcements that will appear in the Course Tool as well as in the “Announcements” channel on the myLangara home page
  • Photos – post and view images
  • News – post and view news items
  • Links – relevant web links to course related resources
  • File sharing – Course handouts or other files for downloading by students
  • Message Board – a threaded discussion forum
  • Calendar – the course schedule represented in a Calendar
  • Course chat – a chat room specific to the course
  • Email – Email all or selected members of the course