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Why can't I see my registered courses?

Most students access their D2L courses through the myLangara portal, by clicking on the myCourses tab and then on Click here! in the D2L channel. This link takes you straight to you D2L Home page, where you should see your courses listed in the My Courses widget. For a video demo, click here.

If you’ve made it all the way to your D2L Home page and you’re still seeing no courses listed in your My Courses widget, then you might be encountering a registration issue. In this situation, contact the IT Helpdesk.

For more information on seeing your D2L courses, see the Get Help with D2L page under “Can’t see your course?

How do I find my login ID?

See IT Helpdesk’s Student Accounts page for information on locating your login ID.

My D2L quiz is frozen! Help!

In the middle of a quiz or exam on D2L and something has gone wrong? See the Online Exams item on the Tips & Tricks page for more details on what to do.

Why aren't videos loading in D2L?

This issue is usually related to a security setting in your browser and can be solved by updating your settings. See Common D2L Issues for more information.

When do I lose access to my D2L courses/can I access old courses?

Students gain access to their D2L courses on the first day of the semester, and not before. Access to a course is generally terminated one week after the conclusion of that semester’s final exams. As a rule, there is no student access to completed courses, except under extraordinary circumstances such as a grade challenge or a course extension, like in co-op or a practicum.

What are the preferred browser(s) for D2L?

Most versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari work with few issues.

We do not recommend any version of Internet Explorer.

Is D2L down?

Any ongoing issues with any major system (such as D2L) will be noted in a red notification bar at the top of this site. If there is no red bar visible, it’s safe to assume we haven’t had any major issues reported.

If you’re experiencing any issues we don’t know about, report them to the IT Helpdesk.

I'm experiencing missing boxes, buttons, or images in the interface of D2L or myLangara.

Sometimes browsers will introduce updates to their own software that makes certain websites behave strangely. If you’re on any web-based interface (e.g. D2L, myLangara, CourseWeb) and buttons, boxes, or other page elements have disappeared or aren’t working as they should, it’s most likely an issue with your browser not loading (or rendering) the site correctly. Try reloading the page, closing your browser and re-opening it, or repeating the activity in another browser.

I'm having problems with my iClicker.

Most problems with iClickers are problems with registration, either because the device is already registered to someone else, or because your browser is, for whatever reason, having trouble submitting the information. Your first solution is always “try a different browser.” If that doesn’t work, ask your instructor for assistance, or the retailer from which you purchased your iClicker.