TIP: Use Chrome or Firefox. Students should NOT use Internet Explorer in any lab on-campus. The
version of Internet Explorer on campus is not supported by D2L.

Please review the following guidelines for taking online exams or tests using the D2L quiz tool.

Before Taking An Online Exam

  1. Choose the most reliable internet connection and device available:
    • Your best option is to use an on-campus connection or a cable modem with DSL
      connection. Dial up is not recommended.
    • If you have a choice, prefer a “hard-wired” internet connection over wireless.
    • Mobile devices (e.g. smartphones and tablets) are not supported for quizzes and
      assignments on D2L. Do NOT attempt to write a quiz or submit an assignment on a
      mobile device.
  2. Close programs that you are not using, especially any file-sharing programs that may be running
    in the background.
  3. Before logging into D2L, clear your browser’s cache and cookies. Then, exit your browser
    completely before attempting to access the site again.
    Note: If you are unsure how to do this, search your browser’s Help menu for “clear cache.”

While Taking An Online Exam

In a timed quiz, the clock keeps ticking after you click Start Quiz and confirm.

  1. . Save each answer as you move through the quiz. If your exam includes essay-type questions,
    make sure to save frequently as you progress. Any unsaved answers will be lost in case of
    browser failure or interruption.
  2. Check your answers prior to submitting the quiz. If you changed an answer, click Save again to
    verify that the change is saved prior to submitting the quiz
  3. Do not shut down the browser or log out of D2L right after hitting Submit Quiz. This allows the
    system to properly save your responses and grade your quiz automatically, if that option is

Browser Issues You May Encounter

    • If your computer is not responding immediately and appears to be frozen, do not repeatedly hit
      a key (e.g. the ESC key), as this may cause the system to freeze. Be patient.
    • If your browser does freeze or if you lose internet connectivity during the quiz, you should:
      1. Shut down the browser. Do NOT submit quiz, and do NOT log out.
      2. Reopen the browser.
      3. Go back into D2L.
      4. Navigate to the course and enter the quiz again.
        Note: If this does not work and you cannot enter the quiz again, try a different browser
      5. Continue taking the quiz.

Note: In a timed quiz, the clock keeps ticking from the moment you first entered the quiz.

If, after trying the steps above, you continue to experience difficulties accessing or completing your quiz, please contact your instructor.

Using Respondus LockDown Browser in D2L

Respondus LockDown Browser is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within a learning management system. Your instructor may use this to prevent you from leaving the quiz screen during quizzes or exams in D2L.

For help using Respondus LockDown Browser in D2L quizzes, click here.