3D Printer Workshops – Friday Sept 20th & Monday Sept 30th

New Makerspace Workshops just announced
Join us for the for the following workshops in September.
Open to everyone at Langara College!

September Workshops:
– Friday, September 20th, 2pm to 3pm – 3D Printer Workshop
– Friday, September 27th, 2pm to 3pm – Laser Workshop
– Monay, September 30th, 2:30pm to 3:30pm – 3D Printer Workshop
Sign up Here… https://iweb.langara.bc.ca/makerspace/signup/#.XXvQ4JNKhTb

3D Printer Workshop

  • Basic how to create a file in a 3D program
  • Preparing your 3D file for the Printers
  • How to operate the PLA filament printers
  • How to operate the Form2 resin printers
  • Demo on a Printer

Laser Cutter/Engraver Workshop

  • How to create a file in Illustrator for the laser
  • How to operate the laser
  • How to cut and engrave on the laser
  • Demo on the laser