Maker Spotlight

Philip's - GPS Case

Philip needed a case for his GPS device. He first scanned the GPS on our high resolution 3D scanner. The scanned 3d object was then brought into Rhino 3D software, where Philip then modelled the case for it. The model was then output on our Ditto 3D printers.

Tony's - Seismometer

Tony, an instructor in the Geography department built this low level seismometer using lego and other parts. He then designed the box and laser cut it at Makerspace.


Martin - Music Box

Martin a student at Langara College, created this amazing music box for his girlfriend. It was cut and engraved on the Makerspace Trotec laser. Martin also created the electronics and programming for it. It can play a number of different tunes, and also be  loaded with different tunes from the usb port.

A video link here >