Our New High Resolution 3D Scanner

We now have a NextEngine Ultra High Density 3D Scanner.
This scanner can do small object with high accuracy. You can then take the 3D mesh, clean it up a bit and then 3D print it if you like. Come by and test it out!

Makerspace at Applied Research Day

Makerspace was at the Applied Research Day at Langara College this week. We were in full force with 4 tables and a side display. We brought our 3d printers, including the new slip clay 3D printer as well as videos and many samples. We also had displays for our research projects: Ocean Plastics, The Prud’homme Library and Design Collaborations with City Studio.

3D Printing with Flexible Objects

Very exciting here at Langara Makerspace,
We just 3D printed our first flexible object on the Form2 Printers.

Using Formlabs Flexible Resin, we have successfully printed a sphere that can be squeezed. The material is a bit firmer then we thought, but the possibilities are exciting.

Drop by Makerspace to see our Form2’s in action!