Project Portfolio


Fine Arts - CNC Stool Project

Philip Robbins Fine Arts Class, where assigned a project to design and build a stool using the CNC router and 1/2″ plywood.

Equipment & Software used:
– Rhino 3D software
– Illustrator 2D software
– Trotec Speedy 300 laser
Final Version
– Rhino 3D software
– Vcarve Gcode creation
– Mach 3 CNC software
– Romaxx CNC


Ocean Plastics

This RSAF1 ( ) funded project is the first phase in the fabrication of a plastic recycling/repurposing ecosystem based on the work of Dave Hakkens and Precious Plastics .

Our Plastics Shredder will, in its second phase, be coupled with a Langara built (Makerspace!) plastic injection moulding machine. We will be exploring these new tools,technologies and ideas as a means to reimagine plastic waste.

These proof of concept tools are aimed at building a mobile, self-replicating toolkit that can be used to begin addressing the issue of marine plastic pollution, micro economics, and design thinking in remote locations on the BC Coast. Stay Tuned – Get involved!


The Prud'homme Library

Make Believe: The Secret Library of M. Prud’homme, A Rare Collection of Fakes

The exhibition Make Believe: The Secret Library of M. Prud’homme, A Rare Collection of Fakes houses fakes and forgeries from the recently-discovered Prud’homme Library, ranging from rare vases to space exploration logs, false obituaries to oil paintings. The project is multidisciplinary, engaging public participation through hands-on interactive stations, 3D printed objects, literary readings, creative workshops, and a digital library. Historical documents are mixed with contemporary works by Canadian writers and artists, encouraging tour-goers to ask questions about authorship, history, story, and make-believe. The exhibit is travelling to Halifax, Toronto, Saskatoon, and Vancouver from March 2019 to August 2019. More details can be found at:  and on Instagram @prudhommelibrary

The Illuminati
Fine Arts Lamp Project

The assignment was to create a lamp out of paper and cardboard that could be shipped flap and assembled by the end user.

Electric Dreams Headpiece

Fine Arts instructor Suzi’s  latest project called the Electric Dream. A headpiece with heart.

Design Collaborations with City Studio

A Fine Arts student project,
working with the Downtown East Side community to design spaces in Strathcona that will help people to get away from the heat.