Research Projects

Ocean Plastics

This RSAF1 ( ) funded project is the first phase in the fabrication of a plastic recycling/repurposing ecosystem based on the work of Dave Hakkens and Precious Plastics .

Our Plastics Shredder will, in its second phase, be coupled with a Langara built (Makerspace!) plastic injection moulding machine. We will be exploring these new tools,technologies and ideas as a means to reimagine plastic waste.

These proof of concept tools are aimed at building a mobile, self-replicating toolkit that can be used to begin addressing the issue of marine plastic pollution, micro economics, and design thinking in remote locations on the BC Coast. Stay Tuned – Get involved!

The Prud'homme Library

Make Believe: The Secret Library of M. Prud’homme, A Rare Collection of Fakes

The exhibition Make Believe: The Secret Library of M. Prud’homme, A Rare Collection of Fakes houses fakes and forgeries from the recently-discovered Prud’homme Library, ranging from rare vases to space exploration logs, false obituaries to oil paintings. The project is multidisciplinary, engaging public participation through hands-on interactive stations, 3D printed objects, literary readings, creative workshops, and a digital library. Historical documents are mixed with contemporary works by Canadian writers and artists, encouraging tour-goers to ask questions about authorship, history, story, and make-believe. The exhibit is travelling to Halifax, Toronto, Saskatoon, and Vancouver from March 2019 to August 2019. More details can be found at:  and on Instagram @prudhommelibrary

Design Collaborations
with City Studio

This Fine Arts research project, developed in collaboration with CityStudio and the City of Vancouver, looked at the issue of “Heat Islands” (urban areas being considerably hotter that rural or natural areas) and how this issue was affecting residents of the Downtown Eastside. Students researched, developed, and presented a number of creative design solutions in collaboration with residents and agencies in the DTES, presenting their finalized solutions to the City of Vancouver. The selected ideas are to be fabricated and installed soon!

Electric Dreams Headpiece

Fine Arts instructor Suzi’s latest project called the Electric Dream. A headpiece with heart.

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