Resources- 3D Printing

How To 3D Print

How to Print with the Form2 Resin Printer PDF Link >

How to print  Video >

How to print PDF Guide >

How to print PDF > Coming soon

How to print PDF > Coming soon

3D Printer Software

Tinkerine Suite
Download Software >

Ultimaker Cura
Download Software >
Makerbot Print
Download Software >

3d Printer Bed Sizes

5.7″w× 5.7″d × 6.9″h
14.5cm × 14.5cm × 17.5 cm

8.5″w 7″d x 8.25″h
21.5cm x 18cm x 21cm

13″w x 9.5″d x 12″h
33cm x 24cm x 30cm

12″w x 11″d x 17″h
31cm x 28cm x 43cm


4″w x 4″d x 4.5″h
10cm x 10cm x 11cm

3D Creation Software

We have 4 workstations and 6 laptops  available at Makerspace with Rhino3D.

  • Used by Fine Arts students
  • The A110 Computer lab has Rhino 3D software on all the computers
  • Website >

We have 4 workstations & 3 laptops available with Fusion360 at Makerspace.

  • You can also get Fusion360 for free for 3 years for faculty and students
  • Website >

We have 2 workstations available at Makerspace with Solidworks.

  • Used by Design Formation & Theatre Arts students.
  • Website >

Formatting you file

The final 3D file should be an STL file. This is then brought into the specific* 3D printer software to create the final file for the printer.

*See 3D Printer Software section above.

Filament & Finishing

You can paint your 3D model with acrylic paints. Here is a great tutorial on how to post process and finish your 3D models: Website Link >

All about the different 3D filaments:
Website Link>

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