Recommended Software

Software for Creating 3D Models:

Solid Works
  • 2 workstations are available at Makerspace
  • Used by Engineering students
  • Website >
Rhino 3D
  • 2 workstations are available at Makerspace
  • Used by Fine Arts students
  • The A110 Computer lab has Rhino 3D software on all the computers
  • Website >
  • Used by Design Formation & Theatre Arts students
  • Website >
Fusion 360
  • Available for free for 2 years for faculty and students
  • Fusion 360 is free, easy to use, and professional
  • Website >


Software for creating 2D Files

(for: laser cutter, vinyl cutters & CNC Router):
Adobe Illustrator
  • Available at the Langara Bookstore discounted for students, faculty and teachers
  • Available on all Langara College computers
  • Adobe Website >
Autocad Lt

Software for our 3D Printers:

To Create Your Final Files for the 3D Printers

Tinkerine Suite for DittoPros:
  • The best settings are the default settings: Resolution= Medium, Infill= Sparse, Wall=2, Support= none unless you have overhangs
  • Website >
Makerbot Print for all Makerbot printers:
Preform for our Form2 Printers: