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My office hours for the 2015/10 (spring) semester are now available.

All students enrolled in my sections will have access to "D2L" (Desire to Learn) and the "Course Tool" through the Langara portal by clicking on the "My Courses" tab.

Students of French 1115/1215 will be using the textbook Contacts (9th edition).

French Resources

General links to many French resources may be found on the Houghton Mifflin pages.

Explore this link for French news and current events.

To listen to extracts of music by French singers you may go to the Discographie section of the Radio France Internationale page. By clicking on a singer's initial, you will get a list of available singers. Beneath the word passeport, click on Sélection disques. If the title has a RealAudio symbol, you can listen to it.

Many interesting sound and video clips can be found at Enseigner le français langue seconde à l'aide de la musique.

The works of French artists can be found on many sites. Monet-Les Coquelicots

The WebMuseum offers examples of impressionist artists such as Monet, whose work Les Coquelicots appears at the right.

Various online tools for generating lists of verb conjugations exist, including one from the ARTFL project and Verb2verbe.com. Many online French-English dictionaries exist also; Wordreference.com is one example.

French Web Sites <--Explore a French map and look for regional information!

Discover Saint-Pierre et Miquelon.

Here is a list of Francophone radio sites. If you want the French National Radio, go and click on Paris.

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