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Digital Storytelling

June 9th, 2011

Steve & I were just at a BC Educational Technology Group Spring Conference, and there heard about and met some folks that were running a digital storytelling course that was offered via  traditional classroom registration, but also via an open course  that anyone in the world could register for.  Grant Potter, from UNBC, who is collaborating with us on another project, set up an Internet Radio station for participants to “tell their stories” either live or recorded on the open Internet.  This is of massive interest to us because Steve’s triple loop process easily incorporates the “storytelling” process.  Jonathon Dueck from Kent also referenced storytelling in his session with us.

Here’s a link to the DS106 Digital Storytelling course blog http://ds106.us/about/ where you can find more about the purpose, syllabus, Calender, etc. It’s organized by Jim Groom (University of Mary Washington).  The course is completely open and there is a new session this summer that starts June 20 if anyone is interested in participating to find out more about it.

If you just want to explore the DS106 Radio Station, you can find out more at http://ds106.us/ds106-radio/.  Grant Potter (UNBC) set up the radio station, and a few other BC Educators/Technologists participated in the first course offering and frequently broadcast on the station.  Another interesting feature of this radio station is that there is an app available to turn your mobile iDevice into a broadcast device using an App called Papaya  (at this point only available for iDevices)
The course also employed some videocasting as well – here’s a link to  DS106.tv –http://ds106.tv/how-to-broadcast/ – which uses justin.tv
Here’s an episode of the ds106.tv stream which I found very interesting – the story of how the course DS 106 went from a traditional, on-campus, face to face course to a widely open Internet course with the Internet Radio & TV elements.

Last but not least, if you are interested, here’s an article on the seven things you should know about Digital Storytelling http://net.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/ELI7021.pdf

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