Innovative Educators Webinar: Reduce Cheating In The Online Classroom: Shifting From Punishment to Prevention

July 28, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Academic honesty is a concern in all learning environments, and issues with student cheating are intensified in the online classroom’s unique context. Not only do faculty face increased barriers ensuring the student’s identity completing each assignment, but they also struggle with the widespread availability of information (including test questions, papers, and completed assignments) on the Internet that challenge the validity of traditional assessments. To reduce student cheating in the online classroom, faculty need to shift their focus from prosecution to prevention. Faculty must create a learning environment and assignments that simultaneously reduce motivation to cheat while making cheating more difficult. This webinar examines the use of a distributed assessment format (integrating formative assessment, student support, and feedback) that reduces reliance on high-stakes assessment and the subsequent pressure to cheat. We will also explore concrete ideas for designing engaging assignments that are not amenable to copy/paste (or Internet look-up) and ensure that students are actively completing assessment activities.

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