Intercultural Initiatives

It is our pleasure to announce the appointment of Daryl Smith as Langara’s first Intercultural Initiatives Coordinator (IIC).

Daryl will work closely with both TCDC and the International Education Department to lead Langara’s new initiative to increase academic success for students new to Canada (international and new immigrant students) and to foster intercultural awareness and understanding among faculty and staff.

Experience through his roles as instructor and Assistant Department Chair within the Biology department helps inform his understanding of the challenges from the faculty perspective. Daryl’s previous role as Educational Technology Advisor has helped him forge connections with other faculty and departments at Langara.

With his wide range of international experience from living and working in Australia (6 years), Japan (3 years), and most recently in Belize for 10 months as a visiting researcher, Daryl brings an understanding of the students’ perspective. Daryl’s time as a host parent for Langara international students over the past thirteen years provides first-hand insight into the needs of international students as well as the diversity of students that come to Langara.

Daryl holds a B.Sc with Honours from Dalhousie University and a Ph.D. in Microbiology from the University of British Columbia.

Daryl has been ramping up since January, taking on various projects including coordinating the Intercultural Train-the-Trainers course with Kyra Garson which is currently underway. He has also been spreading the word on his vision for the role, presenting at meetings, the IE Summit, and during PD Days.

Having officially started May 1st, Daryl will continue to connect with departments (presenting next at the EdTech Instructor Gathering on May 13—sign up here!). In the coming year, he will work with and present to all the Academic Plan Action Groups and other support units at Langara; develop an online academic success course; and continue to deepen his knowledge and skills. If you would like learn more about Daryl’s role, please invite him to your department/division meeting. He can be contacted at

Patricia Cia,
Director, Academic Innovation