Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes are statements that describe our intentions about what students should know, value and be able to do after a particular learning experience. Learning outcomes help guide the design of programs, courses, and modules.

What do you want your students to be able to do?

Benefits of Developing & Using Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes benefit instructors by simplifying course planning. When a course has clear measurable learning outcomes, we can more easily select or develop our assessments, learning activities and course materials.

Students also benefit because expectations of learning are clear and transparent. When students know exactly what they are expected to learn from day one of a course, they have a sense of direction or focus for studying and better understand the purpose of assessments and assignments. This allows them to be more in control of their own learning.

Since many post-secondary institutions now design courses using learning outcomes, following an outcomes-based approach to curriculum design, also facilitates transfer credit agreements between institutions. Clear learning outcomes make it easier for other institutions in BC to determine the equivalency of Langara courses. This increases the likelihood that students will be able to get assigned credit for the courses they take here.

BCCAT Learning Outcomes and Transfer Credit

Types of Learning Outcomes

Program-level learning outcomes are statements that describe the essential learning that we want our students to achieve, and reliably demonstrate, after completing ALL required courses in a program. This type of outcome reflects complex learning that is the culmination of the knowledge and skills learned in the courses within a program.

Course-level learning outcomes describe the essential learning that we want our students to achieve, and reliably demonstrate, after completing a particular course. Course learning outcomes are the stepping stones that help students eventually achieve program learning outcomes. Therefore, it is essential that course learning outcomes align with program-level ones. 

TCDC Resources

To learn more about developing and/or refining your program or course learning outcomes, please see the resources below.

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If you would like one-on-one support or a department workshop on developing or refining learning outcomes, please contact a TCDC curriculum consultant at tcdc@langara.ca.