Langara Lingo List

Do you speak “Langaran”?

Download a printable version of this list. This list will get you started, but it is not a complete list of ALL Langara lingo. Departments vary and use a wide range of specialized terms and acronyms.

ADT Administrative Duty Time, the release time for Chair and Coordinator work.
APAG Academic Plan Action Group; there are five groups
Banner the software used for managing registration, accounting, payroll, etc.; sometimes referred to as myLangara, but they aren’t really the same.
BTW By the Way, the College‘s online newsletter for employees
C&M Communications & Marketing
CPP College Pension Plan with the BC Pensions Corporation
CS Continuing Studies
CUPE Canadian Union of Public Employees, the union for non-faculty, non-administrative employees
DDC Deans and Divisions Chairs Committee
EAP or EFAP Employee Assistance Plan or Employee and Family Assistance Plan
EdCo Education Council
EdTech Educational Technology
FAR Faculty Appointment Recommendation
FPSE Federation of Post Secondary Educators; formerly called CIEA
FTE full-time equivalent; used to describe faculty, workload, and students
HR Human Resources department, room B201
The Hub the Student Engagement Centre, centre of student activity
IE International Education
IMS Instructional Media Services
ISW Instructional Skills Workshop
IT Information Technology; formerly called IETS and ICS
Langara time a rather relaxed approach to meeting and other event start times
LEDC discontinued: Langara Employee Development Centre
LFA Langara Faculty Association
LRC Langara Research Committee
LTD Long Term Disability
LSU Langara Student Union, or “The Sub” (Student Union Building)
NID Non-Instructional Duty
NT Non-teach, as in the non-teaching part of a contract
PBC Pacific Blue Cross
PD Professional Development, as in PD Days, PD time, PD funds
PDSF Professional Development Support Funds
REB Research Ethics Board, related to Scholarly Activity and Research
RES Registrar & Enrolment Services
SASC Scholarly Activity Steering Committee
SRI Student Reaction to Instruction survey/questionnaire form
STD Short Term Disability
The Sub Student Union Building, or LSU (Langara Student Union)
TCDC Teaching and Curriculum Development Centre