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Welcome to Virtual Learning Support, a place where you can find resources and connect with someone from the Learning Support Team to get help with academic and online learning. Our Learning Support team includes staff from the Library and Counselling services, Langara instructors, and students from the Peer Supported Learning Program. 

Your academic success is important to us!  We know that studying online can be challenging and we are here to help!

Each week we are offering both one-on-one drop-in sessions and community café sessions to help you have a great summer semester online. 

One-on-One Drop-in:  

Drop in to meet one-on-one with a learning support team member to get help with academic and online learning questions and referrals to Langara services.  

Community Café: 

Join Ben and Ana, students from Peer Supported Learning, as they meet with guests from the college and dive into different topics every weekThese interactive sessions include lots of useful information and time for you to ask questions and meet with other students. 

Topics include: 

  • Time management – how to minimize procrastination and maximize results  
  • Navigating Brightspace – A quick demo with some handy tips 
  • Student Engagement – what’s happening this summer? 
  • Online group projects & study groups – how to get the most out of working with your classmates online 
  • Academic integrity and plagiarism – what you need to know as a student 
  • Preparing for tests and exams – How to avoid cramming and ace that online exam 
  • Research & writing skills – How to be a better researcher and writer 

Can’t make a session but have a question? No problem! You can email us your questions at:

**Please note: These sessions are offered online through Zoom and are free to Langara students. Please be respectful of the time of others and arrive on time for the Community Café sessions.  You may need to register for some sessions.

We recommend that you register for the Academic integrity & plagiarism community cafe session. 

To register:

  1. Go to
    First time, register to create an account 

  2. Select the Academic Integrity Community Cafe Schedule and login in 

  3. Click on the session that suits you and make an appointment with the Learning Support Team 


Checkout the calendar below to see the weekly schedule and join us at, or click on the calendar times below to join a session. 


Virtual Learning and Q&A – May ~ June 2020
Image by 8212733 and simisi1 from Pixabay